Area at Newton Park where no parking is allow.

Parking at Newtown Field

Aiea Little League Coaches and Parents,

The Honolulu Police Department recently notified Aiea Little League that people have been parking illegally on Kaahele Street in front of Newtown Field. They warned us that if this continues to happen, they will take actions, to include reporting it to the City and
County Parks and Recreation Department, which could affect Aiea Little League’s ability to use that field.

As you know, fields are already very limited. We cannot afford to lose practice and game fields for our kids. We also do not want anyone to get a parking ticket.

So, please do NOT park in prohibited areas. This includes parking in driveway areas or by the bus stop (the curbing is marked in red) along Kaahele Street.

Newtown Field No Park Image 1 Newtown Field No Parking Image 2

If you can’t find parking on Kaahele Street, there is a very large parking lot below the Newtown Field (by the bathrooms) that you can park at. It opens at or around 8 a.m.

Thank you for your kokua and understanding.

Aiea Little League Board