Tee Ball Rules and Regulations

Aiea Little League
2015 Tee Ball Division

Rules and Guidelines for play

Equipment/Playing Area

  • Indrediball or similar only – no hardballs.
  • All players must wear helmets when batting or running bases. No on deck batters, or swinging bats in or near the dugout during game.
  • Three pitches maximum allowed before placing ball on the tee.

Game Regulations

  • Each game to be 6 innings maximum or two hours in length whichever comes first.
  • Each team to bat through half lineup every inning (5-6 batters max).
  • Player playing pitcher position must remain in pitcher’s circle until the ball is hit and wears a batting helmet.
  • If the ball is hit into the outfield, play stops once the batter secures second base.
  • Play stops when an infielder throws the ball towards the pitcher (regardless of whether the pitcher catches the ball) or if a player secures the ball in the pitchers circle.
  • Runners between bases when play is stopped must return back to the last secure base.
  • Runners may not advance if a fielder overthrows first base. Players are encouraged to attempt the throw to first base, and we do not want to penalize the effort.
  • Defense to consist of a minimum of 10 players and a maximum or 12 players. Only 5 players in the infield (Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Short Stop) and up to 7 players in the outfield. Rotate position of players every inning. Ensure no player sits out for more than one inning at a time.
  • No leading off, stealing, bat throwing, or bunting. No sliding. Runners must avoid any collision with a fielder holding the ball.
  • No catcher – adult or older child will catch.
  • No scorekeeping.
  • Maximum of 5 adults allowed on field to assist the defense during play.
  • Maximum of 3 coaches (coaches only) allowed on field while batting.
  • If defensive team earns an out, please remove runner from base path.
  • Continue through 5-6 batters despite number of outs.

Home/Visitor Responsibilities
Home & Visiting teams are responsible for field prep, Install Bases,
Chalk first, third base lines, pitcher’s circle and foul ball arc.
Drag field if necessary before game
Drag field after game,
Line field if there is another game
Remove bases if last game
Both teams must provide littler clean up & change bag in trash can & take bags to curb if can are full.
Do not park vehicles on grass

Most important of all … please have fun and be safe!!!